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Horse Rising

Britain’s beware! There is a random fucking horse nutter on the loose, dragging his shitbag glue factory on legs around shops, pubs and generally fucking with your day. Anyone who sees this douchebag is advised to IMMEDIATELY PUNCH THE CUNT IN THE FACE then get the guy in a headlock and ring the police…   [...]

Have you hugged your horse today?

Of course I have. I also washed my face with acid and brushed my teeth with shit. I then proceeded to drink a nice cup of gerbil jizz with my breakfast and went to work on my magic carpet… Hug a fucking horse my arse…

Who’d do this to our horses?

‘SADISTIC vandals are trying to main and even kill horses by poisoning their feed and hurling rocks and pitchforks at them.’ Typical English tabloid headline right there. Force your opinion by using an adjective to describe the protagonist rather than reporting on the actual facts. Your position at the Daily Mail is a stones throw [...]


So it would seem there is a war going on that I wasn’t aware of. A war where whiny little emo fucks make terrible, terrible Powerpoint presentations with awesome typos in them to really awful music whilst they cut themselves and masterbate to pictures of Red Rum. They then put them on Youtube so that [...]

And now for something completely different…

Created by Oatmeal I know, I know…. Bieber isn’t a horse but he _is_ a cunt and a probable horse rapist. Plus The Oatmeal is awesome so the post counts…… …..stop looking at me and take the test already! Perhaps if enough of you ask nicely, he could make a wicked bad ‘how many horses [...]

Dunna nuna nuna nuna….BATHORSE!

Fucking Horse Cosplay. I mean, seriously… who thought it would be a good idea to dress a horse up like Batman? I mean we’re not talking a spare of the moment decision here. We’re talking about hours of measuring, sewing and fitting this fucker in this outfit. They even made it fucking shoes!! Fucking horse [...]

Stop Hotlinking to My Shit (without asking me nicely)

You know what I hate (other than horses)? Hotlinkers. I don’t copyright any of the images on this site, if you want to use them, great. Just don’t fucking steal my bandwidth without giving me a proper backlink and be a cheeky cunt about it. Hotlinkers will now receive the image to the left if [...]

They’re making a second one? Horseface in the City 2?? Really??!?

Happy New Year everyone! Usual well wishes to everyone except horses and horse people. I hope you all had a great one! Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah Jessica “Horseface” Parker. I’m not a fan of most celebrities but if you also happen to look like a horse, you can already fuck right off… Really… you have [...]

I still hate Horse People

Horse People. The bane of any horse haters life (apart from dickhead horses obviously). They are the dipshits that get awesome sites shut down in between sucking off their four legged friends and jamming up country lanes whilst their big, dopey fuckwit takes a massive shit in the middle of the road. They are the [...]