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Dead Horse Naked Lady WIN!

Naked lady. Check. Dead horse. Check. Legally found to have nothing wrong with it. Check.


Dead Horse Naked Lady WIN!

Best update ever?

Found here for the full article but here are some of the best bits.

Joshua Washburn, a North Carolina man, had come across the pics online at the website 4chan and reported them to deputies.

Those sheriff’s deputies recently concluded that no animal abuse had been committed and therefore no laws had been broken.

Hahaha… have that Joshua, you moral fag. Go back to surfing for CP you sick fuck…

According to a police report Lottin and her friend John Frost had purchased a 32-year-old dying horse in Richfield, Wash. Shortly after buying the animal Frost shot it in the head with a .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle (the horse had apparently been scheduled to be euthanized already), then the two skinned and gutted it before finally beginning their photo shoot.

Euthanasia of a horse with a Magnum = EPIC WIN! I’m almost hard…

After posting the photos online, angry readers at 4chan apparently started harassing Lottin and Frost to the point where they pulled their Facebook profiles offline.

4chan… I am fucking disappoint. What the fuck? Since when did you use your sUp3rl33tH4x0R skills to harass awesome horse death artists?! Get back to changing the world for the better by exposing the lies and corruption in it. Leave horse hating artists the fuck alone!

“We’ve definitely never seen anything like that,” Thompson says. “People do bad stuff to people and animals, but in this case it appears that animal was put down humanely, so there’s really nothing to compare it to. It’s just bizarre.”

Jasha Lottin, thank you for bringing your awesome art to the world. If there wasn’t a Mrs Horse Hater X, I’d want to put my willy in you a bit.

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  1. horse hate says:

    This is the best thing i have ever seen! thank you for this wonderful horse hate blog. you are the king of horse haters for posting this.

  2. Badger Baiter says:

    Wow that is fucking disgusting, how can you possibly show pictures of some woman eating the flesh of a vile beast such as a horse. She should be (horse) whipped to ensure next time she only eviscerates the fucker rather than trying to gain sustenance or warmth…

  3. meh says:

    i also hate horses. but shit like this is actually making me pity them. tone down the horse hate a tad. maybe go see a therapist. anyone who is pleased with this sounds to me like a psychopath. i do agree with you though on the fact that horses are assholes. cause they are.

  4. Hayley says:

    Those people and yourself and ALL sick fucks… There are no words. Im sure your mothers are all proud. In fact, im sure you all have the same mom – typical trailor park trash!!!

  5. Egern says:

    Power to the naked horse-death ch1x0r.

  6. caligula says:

    Well Drhamlock, I was hoping for a happy ending, but it seems not. You’d have thought those fools would have recognised one of these cunts for what they are and machine-gunned it in the sand.

  7. Jockey says:

    I am sick to my stomach .by the sight of that despicable woman by the looks of her she is younger than the poor innocent horse ! I hope she gets some horrible disease from being inside that animals carcass. What if I told you your country wouldn’t be where it is without all the horses that ferried the mostly thankless soldiers for hours across battlefields and carried messages from governor to governor and sheriff to sheriff . Id hope for there to be lots of horses in hell because that’s where your going ,but there too sweet ,innocent and loving to ever have to listen to your shit .I think you want attention more than you actually hate horses because I sure know I don’t have a web site about something I hate and if you truly hated horses you wouldn’t expend so much energy dedicating an entire website to them either.

    Sir,you disgust me .

    IN all of life I have found life is sweetest between saddle and ground. — Unknown

  8. chloe says:

    your a sick person. horses are awesome. you need help.

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