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Horse Art

You lucky cunts! No post for over a year and then two in a week!

Horse Art

A fine artist uses a shitbag horse as a canvas

Although canvases aren’t expensive, horses are shit and it’s good to see some creative folk has made use of the long faced dickhead for something other than glue.

Nicely done, sir. Nicely done.

Newcastle Fan punches a horse!

Barry Rogerson, don’t apologise for anything, you pussy! Stand up for your horse hatred. Tell the BBC to go fuck themselves and that you wear your horse hatred t shirt with pride…

If the above doesn’t work, you can watch the horse punch video here. It gets good about 40 seconds in.

Two bits piss me off with the BBCs reporting of this. One, the commentary on the video – “the incident that horrified millions” is a massive overstatement and far from the truth. It horrified a handful of horse lovers and the majority probably laughed at it.

Secondly, the interviewer is a complete and utter condescending prick.

Why did you do that?

I’m sorry, if a horse is coming at you, you’re going to swing a punch at it. It definitely goes for Barry, and he is well within his right to defend himself.

Then he goes on to suggest it was a premeditated attack on the fucking glue bag like Barry was just stood there having gone to the match just to punch a horse in the fucking face. Yeah, quite impartial that… do you honestly believe he was thinking “yer ner wart, I’m gunna ‘ave this furkin’ coont teday.. coom on ya big faced b’stard… yer gooin doon’.

Fuck you. That is not journalism at all, it’s implication with horse loving agenda behind it. They should celebrate his awesomeness with a horse hating statue at St James Park now. Please.

Ps. Barry, if you’re reading this and want a free horse punch t shirt, get the fuck in touch and wear it with pride. You’re supposed to be a Geordie, man!

The Best Fucking Guitarist In The World Ever!

Fucking check this sweet guitar playing mother fucker right here!!

Horse Hating Guitar Legend These guys could be a Tina Turner tribute act and they would still rock harder than any fucking band ever…

Look at that sweet T shirt right there… this dude (a James Frank Perkins to be precise) knows where its at and rocks it up like no other.

He is this weeks Horse Hating Legend. Big kudos from HorseHaterX my man, big fucking kudos!

More content borrowed from the I Fucking Hate Horses Facebook page.


Wear it with pride!

Another Horse Hater


This man (Chris Egern) is a horse hating legend – found on the I Fucking Hate Horses Facebook page – seen here sporting an Official IFuckingHateHorses.com tshirt!

Thanks for supporting the site Chris. Apologies for the lack of activity of late but keep up the good work!

Dead Horse Naked Lady WIN!

Naked lady. Check. Dead horse. Check. Legally found to have nothing wrong with it. Check.


Dead Horse Naked Lady WIN!

Best update ever?

Found here for the full article but here are some of the best bits.

Joshua Washburn, a North Carolina man, had come across the pics online at the website 4chan and reported them to deputies.

Those sheriff’s deputies recently concluded that no animal abuse had been committed and therefore no laws had been broken.

Hahaha… have that Joshua, you moral fag. Go back to surfing for CP you sick fuck…

According to a police report Lottin and her friend John Frost had purchased a 32-year-old dying horse in Richfield, Wash. Shortly after buying the animal Frost shot it in the head with a .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle (the horse had apparently been scheduled to be euthanized already), then the two skinned and gutted it before finally beginning their photo shoot.

Euthanasia of a horse with a Magnum = EPIC WIN! I’m almost hard…

After posting the photos online, angry readers at 4chan apparently started harassing Lottin and Frost to the point where they pulled their Facebook profiles offline.

4chan… I am fucking disappoint. What the fuck? Since when did you use your sUp3rl33tH4x0R skills to harass awesome horse death artists?! Get back to changing the world for the better by exposing the lies and corruption in it. Leave horse hating artists the fuck alone!

“We’ve definitely never seen anything like that,” Thompson says. “People do bad stuff to people and animals, but in this case it appears that animal was put down humanely, so there’s really nothing to compare it to. It’s just bizarre.”

Jasha Lottin, thank you for bringing your awesome art to the world. If there wasn’t a Mrs Horse Hater X, I’d want to put my willy in you a bit.

More Sickening Imagery

Continuing the month of sickening imagery, horse hating fan Ond?ej sent me the following image rated R for Rotten.

Horse Meat

Who in their right mind would want to eat this filth?!


The only reason this is doesn’t make me feel sick like the picture of that Shoe Faced Whore is the thought that this is the direct result of a dead horse! That makes horse meat win all over!

Horse haters… would you eat horse meat as the bitter sweet flesh of the enemy or would you rather puke blood and eat a sugar puff and dogshit sandwich?

As ever, share your thoughts in the comments section!